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How to Be Like Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

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Tohru Honda is the main character in popular the manga and anime series, Fruits Basket. Her altruistic nature, benign heart, and cheerful demeanor earn her a special place in the story.


  1. You should smile excessively, even when you're upset. The only exceptions are when you are: Freaked out, apologizing, spaced out, worrying about someone being sick, or crying.
  2. Act really innocent, weak, vulnerable, and kind of air-headed. (Sorry, it just had to be said)
  3. When someone gets mad about something you did, or if you did something wrong, be really apologetic. Bowing continually is optional, but get really freaked out, wave your arms, and such.
  4. Be very grateful for everything everyone does for you, and don't hesitate to show it.
  5. Be humble, and when someone gives you a compliment, try to blush and insist against whatever it is that they're complimenting you about.
  6. Never swear, yell or get mad at anyone, unless you are apologizing.
  7. Optionally, you can try to be really emotional. If someone yells at you, or treats you badly, start crying...but just a little.
  8. Clean stuff. A lot. Vacuum, dust, pick up, cook, do laundry, etc. Maybe you could even get a part-time job cleaning!
  9. Take care of people, try to calm them down when they're upset, really listen to their problems, and try to help them out. Be honest and don't gossip at all.
  10. Next, miniskirts aside, Tohru is the picture of modesty. She wears no revealing clothing, and wears miniskirts neatly, not showing anything. This means no form-fitting clothes (nothing particularly tight), no cleavage or belly showing, and definitely nothing see-through.
  11. If you have a school uniform, wear it. Tohru wears 'seifuku' (the Japanese school uniform) almost all the time.
  12. Invest in miniskirts. Lots of frilly miniskirts that go to about mid-thigh or longer. But wear them innocently and neatly, not revealing or trashy.
  13. Wear cute spaghetti-strapped tank tops, 3/4 length shirts, cute girly baby doll t-shirts, or cute print sundresses.
  14. In the winter, for some reason, Tohru still wears miniskirts. This is not advisable, however, as wearing clothing without insulation in the cold risks frostbite. Instead, during the winter months, wear turtleneck sweaters with light colored denim pants or a knee-length skirt like Tohru wears.
  15. Wear a loafer-like shoe most of the time. When you aren't wearing these, wear the plainest sandal you can find or slippers.
  16. Usually wear either knee-socks or crew-cut socks folded down.
  17. In the winter, wear a cutsy big-print scarf wrapped around your neck.
  18. Tie lots of ribbons in your hair. Not all the time, but about 3-4 days a week.
  19. For your hair, it would be best if you had bangs. If you're younger, ask your parents to either get it cut at a salon, or for someone to cut it for you at home. It's your decision whether you want to dye your hair brown. If you aren't sure if you'd like your hair that color, buy or ask your parents for temporary hair dye which will only change your hair color for a few days to a week. If you decide you like the color, then you can consider a longer term change.
  20. Wear your hair down sometimes, or put it back in two low braids or two low pony tails.


  • You don’t have to follow all of these directions to the letter. If these directions seem too hard, only do what you’re comfortable with. Be mindful that if you act airheaded and very emotional, people might think you actually are airheaded and very emotional.
  • Try to work into your new look gradually. Going from a sporty tomboy to a beribboned, apologetic spaced out girl might attract more attention than you want. Try hair ribbons one day, a miniskirt here and there, a giggle every now and then, etc.


  • Try not to freak people out. Usually people aren't used to so much happiness!
  • If you get called a poseur or whatever (which you probably will), just look shocked like you don't even know what they're saying. Really play up the innocence.